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Welcome to CMS! The Case Management System for Appellate Defenders, Inc.

Date : 6/11/2019

Claim Step 13 "View as PDF" function removed.

The "View as PDF" function on step 13 of the claim form has been removed. To save a PDF of your claim, on step 13 click the "View/print the claim" link at the top of the page. This will open a printable copy of the claim. Use your browser's print command to print the claim to paper or to PDF.

Date : 1/30/2019

Links to Important Documents

Date : 7/24/2019

Contact Us:

Operator: 619-696-0282

Claim payment status queries.

The JCC does not guarantee payment within a certain amount of time. They strive to pay claims under $7,500.00 in 10 business days and claims $7,500.00 and above in 15 business days. Please wait to contact ADI about the status of a payment until the applicable time period has passed. For questions about the status of a payment, please contact Dave Rankin at dkr@adi-sandiego.com (x 133).  Do not contact the JCC about status of payment.

Claims assistance for new panel attorneys.

Please contact Eric Fager or Suzanne Swartz for personal assistance creating claims for your first several appointments. (Look below for contact information.)

Paralegal Assistance:  Please contact the paralegal with the corresponding terminal digit (last digit of the case number).

Din Villa at ddv@adi-sandiego.com (x142) -- Digits 0, 8

John Diaz at jjd@adi-sandiego.com (x 158) -- Digits 1, 9

Lindsay Rattner at lfr@adi-sandiego.com (x 146) -- Digits 2, 5

Suzanne Swartz at sms@adi-sandiego.com -- (x159) -- Digits 3, 4

Kathy Hall at klh@adi-sandiego.com (x 141) -- Digit 6

Eric Fager at edf@adi-sandiego.com (x 153) -- Digit 7

General Questions or Concerns:  Contact Kathy Hall at klh@adi-sandiego.com (x 141)


For Claims Assistance:  Please contact the claims processor with the corresponding terminal digit (last digit of the case number).

For help with technical problems, please email CMSSupport@adi-sandiego.com.

Omar Palacio at oap@adi-sandiego.com (x 148) -- Digits 0, 9

John Diaz at jjd@adi-sandiego.com (x 158) -- Digit 1

Lindsay Rattner at lfr@adi-sandiego.com (x 146) -- Digit 2

Eric Fager at edf@adi-sandiego.com (x 153) -- Digits 3, 5, 7

Suzanne Swartz at sms@adi-sandiego.com (x 159) -- Digit 4

Kathy Hall at klh@adi-sandiego.com (x 141) -- Digit 6

Din Villa at ddv@adi-sandiego.com (x 142) -- Digit 8

General Questions or Concerns  Contact Kathy Hall at klh@adi-sandiego.com  (x 141)

To Unlock a Password:  Please contact Omar Palacio oap@adi-sandiego.com (x 148) or Lori Olthoff (Tuesday through Saturday) at lmo@adi-sandiego.com (x 151)