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Date : 8/23/2016

File Motion to Strike and Corrected Brief Instead of Errata Letter.

All divisions of the Fourth Appellate District have advised ADI that they cannot accept errata filings (letters or motions pointing out errors in a previous filing and purporting to correct them). The courts are unable to alter TrueFiling or other documents to reflect desired changes. Counsel should instead file a new, corrected brief, along with a motion to strike the brief affected by the error.  Although Division Three does not yet use TrueFiling, the court confirms it wants counsel to follow the procedure of striking the old and filing a new brief.

Date : 8/25/2016

New Electronic Service Address for Riverside Juvenile Delinquency Appeals (Email or TrueFiling Service)

For service on the Riverside County Public Defender in juvenile delinquency appeals, the electronic service address is:LOPD-RIV.Juvenile@co.riverside.ca.us

For adult criminal matters, the electronic service address is: LOPDAppellateUnit@co.riverside.ca.us

New Electronic Service Address for Riverside County Counsel in Dependency Appeals (Email or TrueFiling Servic)

For service on Riverside County Counsel the electronic service address is: countycounsel@co.riverside.ca.us

Our cheatsheet (available on the ADI website at http://www.adi-sandiego.com/practice/service_quick_reference.asp#Riverside) will be updated shortly.

Please contact Lynelle Hee or Dave Rankin if you have any questions.


Date : 8/17/2016

One Email Address for Service on Attorney General's Office 

The AG's office has decided to use one email address for  electronic service. Please use e-mail address, sdag.docketing@doj.ca.gov, whether you are serving by email or by TrueFiling.

Please feel free to contact Lynelle Hee or Dave Rankin if you have questions.



Date : 7/26/2016

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