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Date : 4/6/2017

TrueFiling Expenses Should be Itemized on Other Expenses (Line 10):

When claiming TrueFiling expenses, please itemize the fees in the comments field, noting the document filed and the charge (e.g. "Extension of time, AOB @ $7.50 each.")  If a filing was rejected due to the court's error, please note this.  ADI can recommend payment for a rejected filing if it was the court's error.

This information will greatly assist ADI, resulting in faster claims processing and payment.


Date : 10/28/2016

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For Claims Assistance:  Please contact the claims processor with the corresponding terminal digit (last digit of the case number).

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Eric Fager at edf@adi-sandiego.com (x 53) -- Digits 3, 5, 7

General Questions or Concerns:  Contact Dave Rankin at dkr@adi-sandiego.com (x 33)


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